Acemay Biochemicals We are strategically located in the east part of Xinxiang City proper, in the provincial level industrial zone----Xiaodian. We are a neighbor to the administration zone, adjacent to Jingzhu Expressway and Jingguang Passenger Railway to the west, Provincial Highway No.226 to the east, Jidong Expressway to the north, Taishi Railway to the south, (with a spur line for freight train leading into the zone). We are about 70km away from Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, and about 80km away from Xinzheng International Airport.

Acemay Biochemicals is composed of researchers with vast experiences in the research and development of nucleoside and related products. This core think tank team is famous for our bioengineering and chemical synthesis expertise. Acemay is committed to innovative R&D and world-class manufacturing of nucleic acid and carbohydrate products while also offering custom chemical synthesis and scale-up and optimization of APIs.

Driven by a strong market presence and consistent sales growth, Acemay constructed its modern premises in Xinxiang Xiaodian Industrial Zone in 2005. This new facility exceeds the standards for a modern biotechnology manufacturing center and is comprised of production, operations, R&D, marketing and sales as an organic unit. In total, Acemay has 3 production facilities, a quality control center, an R&D center, a staff training center and other supporting sections. The current Acemay footprint covers an area of 35,000 square meters. Within this space is a construction area of 18,000 square meters for the facilities with 40% of the property represented by conserved green space .

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